Why the good hotels rarely have good WiFi connections?

The WiFi connections are one of the defendants currently resources when we decided to go on vacation and find a hotel. In fact, where traveling and I had talked about this issue several times and we even discussed the possibility that the medium hotels in US Hotel aid to incorporate them as an added service that seek to differentiate, especially with to try to catch up in Europe as we are far behind what is offered in other countries yet despite being the first in the number of tourists that we receive. But in this case we will analyze a data that will be probably quite curious. In fact, for many is quite a mystery to understand why good hotels have bad WiFi connections.

Actually, there is something to think some travelers who have been unlucky for specific connection problems, or be overloaded by too many people connected at the same time or for any failure of antennas. It is something that happens quite often, and with the increasingly high importance of online reviews, some hotels begin to see worried the poor ratings. You can give excellent service, but if the internet does not work in a world in which everything is connected, it seems that going to take many stars.

But why good hotels rarely have good WiFi connections ? Obviously, it would be complex to give a full explanation knowing that each is located in a different place, use different providers, and they have ways to provide substantially different network. But it is true that there have been studies on the matter, which also have developed techniques to achieve up to find that perfect point between other services and free internet connections. Then we will speak of this, because I think the theory itself has much to offer.

Bad connections for various reasons

If you take a hard look at the reasons that exist in the good hotels to explain the bad internet services, we can find several well together disparate reasons. They are in any case reasons in other hotels, provided that in them there is an internet connection, cannot be, and that is why search engine to help you select become one of the best options. In any case, let us enumerate why so much mystery.

  • The first of the reasons seems to be to understand why a bad Wi-Fi service is given, is based precisely on the fact that to be something that is not its main activities and it is quite common with not allowing them to distinguish they are not given enough attention. That is, if there falls, if there is overload or if there is a problem not resolved in the same way it does with anything other than itself has priority.
  • The second reason is that they have no control over these Wi-Fi networks, but they hire external services that are responsible for its management. By having the null staff knowledge about the problem itself, it is impossible to be resolved in a timely manner. Although having contracted service is good, the travel time and fix the connection never fulfill the expectations of a customer dissatisfied with it. Not when a top quality associated with the hotel category intended.
  • The third reason is that the infrastructure they have in the hotel Wi-Fi networks are not always developed to support many connections. That question usually larger hotels with many rooms, or that match the room with one of those moments of sellout, makes it complicated that there are no drops or slow network access.
  • But there is also some subjective reason to believe that those good hotels rarely have good WiFi connections. In fact, keep in mind that we do not claim the same services of a hotel with only two stars, or even no, that offers us who actually has a category boasts quite superior. That is why sometimes is more exaggerated this fact when it happens in this type of establishments in others that also sometimes happens. We feel like paying more, we can demand more.

Ten tips for hoteliers my friends

Today I am generous and happy, so I decided to give them some tips hoteliers my friends. No big business / managers who manage strings (these know and say Mass with eyes closed), but the owners of small and medium hotels with their daily effort to keep our country at the peak of the tourist wave.

  1. You must have an Internet presence. A high percentage of your potential customers are looking at hotels and information about travel destinations on the Internet, the feedback you get them on your property is crucial. I think this point needs no further explanation.

2 – Answer the phone: there is still a relatively large percentage of customers for which the telephone is still the primary means of contact with the hotel. There is nothing worse than calling a hotel to make a reservation and not to be caught. This has happened to me once when I tried to book a cottage.

3 – Create your own website with the possibility of making online reservations; a very large percentage of customers usually finalize the booking on the hotel website. Of course, do not go overboard with prices. It has happened several times, to see cheaper prices up to 30% on other travel websites to book the same hotel.
4 – Being affiliated to one or several sites that specialize in hotel booking (Booking, Flights, etc) because almost 45% of Internet users use these sites to complete your reservation

5 – Manage your seats well: given the last two points is necessary for the user to find availability of priority on the website of the hotel and somehow get some benefit by booking on our site. At the end of the day it is a direct client.

I tell you a little experience, a while ago we organized a meeting with college friends in the city where I live now. Specifically needed to book six rooms in a hotel in US Personally I approached the hotel, the price of each room in accommodation only was 75 € plus VAT. That same day I was at Hotel.com prices and found the same hotel for 50 € the room with breakfast included. Obviously I booked Hotel when it could have been a direct customer of the hotel.

6 – Join the tourist office in your city: there is still an interesting percentage of people who report the destinations through the websites of tourism in the city. As matter how powerful this website is likely to be interesting that your property appears mentioned.

7 – You must be present in the search engines and especially Google. A large percentage of internet users use search engines to obtain information about the hotel I will be staying. It is best to have a domain network with the name of our hotel.

8 – Using the opinions of Internet users: a high percentage of Internet users say they are influenced by the classification of hotels (the number of yellow stars in search engines) and more than half have in mind the views of other users. Another element of the “elements that influence the final decision,” the “user evaluations” is greater than the text description of the hotel.

9 – You must be present on Facebook. The comments about the “proximity” (acquaintances, friends and family) have a greater when deciding to book hotels weight. Create affinities with your customers, to speak well of you on social networks, keep in touch with them. In short: make friends.

10 – Spend a few Euros to make some professional photos of your establishment. It is shown that along with advice from family, hotel images are one of the vital factors in the final decision. Yes, we all have good and high-resolution cameras, but do not hesitate to call a professional!

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