What will you do When a Customer Complain You?

It is important to keep the good relation with the hotel guests. It is natural that some times some customers will complain you but what will you do then? Hotel authority must remember that without keeping the good relation with the customers and without solving complain of the hotel guests.

As a good hotel management don’t get panic if any guest complain you. Just you need to listen complain carefully at the first time. So that your customers can understand that you are paying concentration to them. Now you need to justify complain whether it is right or wrong. Now if the complain is wrong then describe the situation softly to your Hotel guest. You should help him to find where the misunderstanding is.

Now if complains are right then first answer to the hotel guests and then solve that urgently. You may give your customers extra benefits so that clients can be satisfied. So don’t go in any argue with the hotel guests as this increase the misunderstanding more rather then talk with them softly.

If complains are related about the services of any hotel stuff then please say sorry on behalf of them. As this made the customers more satisfied about your service. Always try to listen their problems as it is shown that the hotels who don’t bother about the customers complains they get more complains. As a result at a time they loose their Hotel guests. So just be calm about complains of the hotel guests and increase your hotel guest.

No matter how tough you try and things are hurdle to go wrong just the once in a while. Like as food gets burned also orders get forgotten in the middle of a dinner dash or the new servers just forget all their training. So No matter the reason for the complaint and the main thing is to try with please the customer as well as send them home knowing that. Yes there was a trouble, but it is not usual of your establishment. Let them recognize that you, the owner and value their comments and their business.

If the customer comes back to your restaurant with complaints how you handle customer that’s main fact. Here are some tips to help you to solve the situation. You need to fully concentration to the customers and with a smile ensure that in future any kind of mistake will never do.

Body Language
Look the way you stand also look at the customer can speak more than words. For you are feeling defensive, maintain eye contact also don’t cross your arms above your chest,. Avoid the advice to roll your eyes, if you are emotion exasperated. Instead, nod with smile, no issue how motivated you may feel. This show you the value of their opinion also their business.

ApologizeKeep in mind that who was so upset in customers over the long waiting line? Propose an apology. “I understand Sir, you are not happy for the waiting a long time but we are working as fast as we can to find you a table. We really appreciate your willingness and patience to wait. Perhaps until your table is ready, you would like to have a drink into the bar.” You formulate observable that you are working diligently on a solution and completely understand their frustration.

Freebies If a customer has trouble that could have been prevented like as a unpleasant server or an overcooked steak. Then the top route to acquire is to apologize with an offer them some type of compensation. Here are a few quick freebies that you can provide customers that won’t cost you a lot of money, but will go a long way to assure future business:

• Gift certificate for a future visit
• Free dessert
• Free round of drinks
• Take a certain percent off their meal
• Merchandise, such as a beer glass or tee-shirt

Occasionally you will have a really angry customer (perhaps not, perhaps justified) who declares that “I’m never coming back!” Fine, if that is happened, probably there aren’t any freebies you can offer to change their mind. Peacefully assure the customer you understand their frustration and recommend a  apology (again) as well let them identify if they adjust their mind and you would love to see them again. By sending them off on a well-mannered note, there is an extremely good chance. If on one occasion their anger has cooled then they will try your restaurant again.

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