Types of Restaurant Service

There are different types of restaurant service and the types of service usually known in different names. These names came after the types of meal and place, some of the restaurant service named after nations. Like English service, French service, Russian service. Let’s learn few restaurant service procedures

Cafeteria Service:

Cafeteria is a type of service available in large companies, Industries, schools and colleges. It’s a service arranged for many people. So it services so quick with its fixed menu, which usually displayed on a large board. A guest may have to choose what he/she wants to eat from the displayed food menu. Then the guest may have to collect a coupon and showing the coupon to the counter waiter the guest may have his/her desired item served.

Counter Service:

Counter service is one type of service where the counter is the table. A guest may have chosen their food from the menu or from the displayed food items behind the counter first. Then they may sit on tall tools around the counter. They might have to wait a few seconds and then they will served by the counter manager.

Breakfast Service:

There are two kinds of breakfast service. The English Breakfast and the Continental Breakfast. These are called traditional breakfast, It’s after the habit of taking food. The English breakfast is full of foods, runs into six or seven courses. It is like the major meal of the day. And the continental breakfast is after the European food habit. It is a light meal at the morning. These are the two kinds of breakfast offered in restaurants.

American Service:

The American service is pre-plated quick service. A guest may have order some food from the menu card and then the order will prepared in the kitchen. Whatever the guest order, the sheaf will prepare the dish with his quality. He’ll present the dish with entire presentation in terms of nutrition, color and taste. A waiter will bring this presentation to the table and he’ll serve the dish. The American service is usually used in coffee shops.

English Service:

English service is one kind of “Host Service”. The host plays an important role in this kind of service. Waiter brings food to the host for approval. And after the approval, waiter places the platters on the table. The host places the food on other guest’s plate or allows the waiter to serve the food.

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