Hotel internet access via Wi-Fi

System internet in hotels

By solving internet access wireless, hotel guests can connect their own laptops to the Internet in an easy and simple way.

The system consists of a central point of management usually placed in the reception, several wireless access points spread across different parts of the hotel and a ticket printer to provide pre-paid customers.

Internet throughout the hotel thanks to the wireless network

As internet access is wireless (done via Wi-Fi technology), the client will have complete mobility throughout the hotel. That is, you can connect to the internet with her laptop in her room and then go down to the cafeteria or the hotel pool and still enjoy your internet connection.

Payback System

The system of access to the internet via Wi-Fi, can be offered by the hotel for free, or you can be charged for hours that the client has been connected to the internet to make a return on investment of the installation of the Wireless LAN .

For access via pre-paid wireless hotel network and therefore access, the customer must solicitor reception in a ticket or voucher to the number of hours you want to enjoy the wireless network available the hotel for internet access.

Once the time the ticket or voucher that the customer requested hotel has elapsed, the system will close the client’s connection to the Internet and it can no longer connect to the internet through the wireless network unless you buy another ticket at the reception.

Hotel internet access via Wi-Fi

System security Wi-Fi network in hotel

Once the customer has ordered and paid a bonus or ticket at the hotel reception, the receptionist will give you a ticket with a user name and password to connect to the wireless network of the hotel and therefore internet using your laptop or tab.

The username and password provided by the system to deliver a ticket voucher for access to the wireless network of the hotel are unique and exclusive to the client that requested the voucher and valid for the duration of the ticket or voucher that was included in the reception. After expiry of the time available on internet in the hotel, the system removes that user name and password and will no longer use it anymore.

This ensures that no one fraudulently connect to the hotel’s internet connection via the wireless network.

Another level of security solution incorporate internet access through wifi in hotels, is that it incorporates a system of protection which prevent users connected to the hotel network and are enjoying the internet might be among them. Thus any user who is connecting to the wireless network at the hotel can view documents or folders of any other user.

The system also incorporates several security features in wireless networks

  • WEP
  • WPA
  • WPA-2
  • SSL

Simplicity on the internet via Wi-Fi

Another advantage of the system incorporating internet through wifi in hotels, is that the customer does not have to change any settings on your laptop or PDA       .

Just when your computer detects the wireless internet access in the hotel, the system redirects the browser of the client computer to a web page where the customer will be prompted for a username and password. That username and password are provided to you in the hotel network when you bought your ticket for internet access in the hotel.

Advantages of the wireless Internet access for hotel

  • Provide added value to the services of the hotel to its customers.
  • Possibility of ROI charging for internet access.
  • Ensuring the security of internet access of guest rates.

Advantages of wireless internet access at hotels for the customer

  • Ability to check email and internet.
  • Mobility around the hotel without losing the internet connection.
  • Having your insurance documents with the built-in security system.
  • Ease and simplicity aa internet connection.

To my surprise, the percentage of hotels that offers the service free Wi-Fi is quite small. This is the same in both USA and Canada and for me it is somewhat surprising in the XXI century, and we all want to be permanently connected. Certainly for the traveler is a great advantage to have connection but … what are the advantages for the hotel to offer its customers free Wi-Fi?

The importance of free Wi-Fi in hotels

Some studies based on surveys of satisfaction and value customers prefer more Wi-Fi to other services or facilities that can provide the hotel, even ahead of the quality of the breakfast buffet, for example. Among other benefits, we note the following:

  • When choosing a hotel, consultations valuations pages users look whether it has free Wi-Fi as one of the top reasons to hire a hotel or other
  • When there is free Wi-Fi, many customers newcomers as they put their complaint in FaceBook and Twitter account, even from the reception.
  • The cost of installing a Wi-Fi high-speed network is relatively low and great satisfaction to customers
  • If this service is offered free of charge, in addition to customer loyalty, repeat and recommend that site, you can gain other advantages to the hotel, if the connection is monitored.

These other benefits, I mean you can see the points at which the user is connected: from the room from the bar downstairs from the cafeteria in the lobby and even see the connection times, data that may be useful to provide customer services.

Some tests at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara in California showed that offering Wi-Fi in the hotel increased spending by customers remains a very profitable investment.

A similar study was done in hotels in US and found that was used mainly to check email and connect to social networks. Furthermore it was found that leisure pursuits were also made on arrival, information on tourism issues and use of online maps (Google Maps), uses that could be profitable.

In leisure travel, this service can be useful, as we all have as a “digital life” a permanent connection with our contacts and friends, real and virtual, commenting on social networks, where we are, what we eat or how we will life.

But business travel, classical business, the Internet is now REQUIRED. You cannot work without the Internet. Cannot find a cybercafe or having to always travel with a “spike” connection to make a report of the meetings, reply to messages from the office and similar activities.

It is an important issue for many people the conclusion is simple: If you do not give me a good service in a hotel, I’ll try another. And the Wi-Fi, is considered a necessary service.

All these reasons, and especially being with the times, do I continue being perplexed when I say in a hotel no free wifi or only works in the reception area. It is like saying that the hotel has no phone or electricity, it seems unthinkable.

Offering free Wi-Fi is not a fad or a luxury, it is a necessity, it is indispensable in 2014, and those that do not offer are lagging behind in time. The importance of providing free Wi-Fi to customers can be crucial to keep customers in the future.