Ideas and suggestions for your ideal hotel services and facilities

In recent years the free wifi is a service that has already spread to the vast majority of hotels in US. Ask if the hotel had wifi, had to pay for it sometimes predatory pricing. But today in our country we can enjoy free wifi in most hotels.

Now, what other services or equipment we miss? In particular there are services and equipment found in some hotels, or that are customary in establishments in certain countries, we would like to be common in hotels where we stayed.

To help travelers define what we understand as an ideal hotel from Travel Inspirers in partnership with Novotel , we performed a debate via twitter asking for ideas and suggestions about where there has been a great turnout.

Then I’ll do a summary of the comments on twitter, with the main proposals for an ideal hotel.

In the discussion room has played the greatest part. Easy to understand when is the place where we will spend as much time during the stay in the hotel and will become our temporary home.

Travelers we’d find, as a welcome, a piece of fruit and a bottle of complimentary water. Many hotels offer but, why not become a fixed service?

And with respect to water, if possible, a large bottle. The cost is minimal and appreciates. As a complement, has requested that the minibar prices are not deterrent…

Other equipment that should bring the ideal hotel, and is fixed in certain countries, such as Britain , is a kettle with cups, sachets of coffee and teas. Often fancy drink and do not want to go down to the cafeteria.

ideal hotel services

Regarding connectivity, so necessary in these times when we travel accompanied with so many electronic devices, it is essential to have sufficient outlets that facilitate recharging. A big difference between hotels with rooms designed in recent years where outlets abound noticeable, and those that were not renewed, where sometimes difficult to find a single outlet.

Yes, several participants in the discussion agreed on the need for sockets alongside the tables. Mobile (and alarm) will thank you.

Those hotels that do not yet have an accessible room should leave a power strip between the equipment thereof.

Regarding wifi, is considered essential that works. Worse offer wifi does not work because it leads to despair, that is, a bad user experience.

Other suggestions are:

  • choice of pillow type before getting to the room (in the hotel reservation form)
  • not bring designer light switches and taps to the extent that is not understood how they work do not you ever happened? To me if …
  • have room bathrobe and slippers, albeit simple, if the floor is tiled.
  • enough closet space
  • a key card supplementary to prevent out of the room, the electronics stop recharging.

Confessions of cleaning staff of a hotel

In the manicured hotels, light switches, doorknobs and remotes are disinfected daily. The articles are thrown open toilet away and soaps usually are donated to charity, says Hazel Davis, executive director of housekeeping department of Waldorf Astoria in New York . To achieve that fresh smell in the room, the cleaning staff Waldorf sprayed on carpets monthly bicarbonate says.

Learn more secrets (among other advantages unfamiliar cleaning) that reveal those in charge of the cleaning in hotels.

Be attentive host

Let $ 1 or $ 2 tip per guest, per night
In hotels of higher category, leaving an estimated $ 3 or $ 5 per guest, per night, says Lillian Africano, president of the Society of American Travel Writers (American Society of Travel Writers). If your visit lasts more than three days, leave the tip every morning for the person receiving the care of cleaning that day. Leave them in an envelope marked on the nightstand or reception of hotel (with your room number). If you are concerned that someone else can be saved cash, place the tip under your pillow or in the sink, where it is less likely than others to see.

Do not be sloppy
If clothing, souvenirs and scattered food can be difficult to clean some rooms. Let the newspapers away from the wastebasket if you want to keep.

Do not touch the cart!
Another tip: stay away from the cart of cleaning personnel; It’s like your office, arranged exactly what you need to complete the tasks of the day. So if you want more soap or towels, just ask them.


Breakfast is another important time staying at this hotel.

In this regard, simpler and cheaper alternative to standard buffet requested. To reduce the offer price, often the room is offered free breakfast, then you can hire besides the buffet, priced at times too high.

But not always want to enjoy a great breakfast buffet. Coffee, juice and a muffin may be sufficient. Therefore, it is suggested that hotels provide alternative breakfast, with different prices. It would be a way to avoid a very common scene guests who come to breakfast at a nearby cafe.

It has also been emphasized that it is a buffet with healthy food. And even with variety of products suitable for celiac.

Another request is more flexible schedules breakfast, especially in these times when it is very usual to have to catch a flight early in the morning. very early departure flight. Having the ability to take at least a coffee machine and some food cold helps bring early start.

If you are traveling with children you have specific needs. Some that have been raised in the discussion are:

  • to accommodate two adults and two children in the same room, with breakfast, without extra cost on the price for two adults.
  • have a cartoon channel on TV Room
  • available in a service area microwave to heat baby bottles
  • hotels vacation, to use good cots, no folding travel
  • playroom for children in the hotel
  • and looping the loop, has been asked to hire a trustworthy babysitter for events

Finally, with respect to other general services which should provide an ideal hotel, among others, the need is indicated by a service printer to print not only documents but also boarding passes for flights.

And a very general request, the price of the car park is not too high.

Do you have any more suggestions to define the ideal hotel?

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