How to make a wake-up call to a hotel guest

Home is a place where heart exists and hotel is a place where facilities exist. When a person becomes a traveler in country or in any town, then the only way of that person has to habituate good and full of facilities as a hotel guest. If the guest feels the full satisfaction on that hotel, then the purpose of that hotel would be fulfilled. Every hotel’s target should be giving the full satisfaction to the hotel guest. On that purpose wake-up call to a guest is very important for a hotel. Good manner and good behave can change every situation and every person we all understand that very well. So, every hotel staff should be aware of it.

How to wake-up a hotel guest:
Wake-up call which means generally a telephone call from a hotel maintenance agent to a sleeping guest at a specific time to wake him up, prearranged by the guest. Wake-up call should be done in the morning at 6 Am. It depends on the guest in any time of the day.
In case of airline group generally the wake-up call supposed to be done 30 minutes or 50 minutes before the pickup time. In a diminutive hotel it is the duty of front agent to wake-up guests. Some suggestion regarding this-

• Full awareness when you are writing the room number, name and time of wake-up.
• You have to ensure that the guest truly wake up after your call. You can gently ask him does he want the next wake-up call.
• If the guest not responding while you calling or guest just hang up and merely just give any reply then you can call him again.
• The way of conversation like good morning, Mr. A. it is 6 Am it is your wake-up time. Have a good day.
• After the call guest may not get the situation quickly because of just wakes up. After some time, politely explain again to him why you are calling to him.
• If you are watching guest would not reply at all then send a bell person to knock at the door and wake him up.

Receive and schedule hotel wake up or remainder calls from the guest:

The times of wake-up of guests are not same at all. Wake-up time depends on the guest in any time of the day. So, the staff should aware about the wake-up time. It is the duty of staff to wake-up the guest in time. The maintenance of wake-up time and another task should depends on electronically and the best media will be ‘Oculus’ call management tracking and scheduling system which can help your hotel manager track incoming calls and tasks with the click button.

Just think about that the next trip of a guest should not be in your hotel if you miss to wakes up your guest and for that reason an important meeting or contract had lost just because of your unconsciousness. So, you have to very much aware to give facilities like room service, wake-up call, good qualified food, good decoration, and over all good response and good behave.

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