How to Become a Good Hotel Receptionist

It is a better feeling of being a good receptionist in any aristocracy hotel. But, to be a good receptionist you have to know about the work and the characteristics of a good receptionist. So, let me tell you about the works and the characteristics of a good receptionist. When a guest first comes to you for a room, your first duty is to give a satisfactory greeting to him/ her. For this, you have to keep your body and face smiling and eager to hear the asking from the guest and to solve the requirement. It is natural for the guest to ask about the facilities of your hotel and the surroundings. Answer the correct ones to convince in the right way.  You should be reserve for the order of the guest; sometimes potential customer may phone you or email you but most of the times guests arrive for discussing the whole matter face to face. If you are not reserve for the quality answer then the result is nothing but you lose the guest. Your duty is to be practiced checking guest in and out. When you are preparing bill and being paid, talk to the guest with some gentle manner s so that the guest never feel bother with you. Some complains may come to you from the guest. You should solve the problems not only with the outwardly interest of the hotel but also from the depth of the matter. You should think that when a guest comes to your hotel, he wants some relax and does not bear up any disturbance. So, be polite and aware of the demand of the guest.

To be a good receptionist you need some more important efficiency. Never can you be a good receptionist without powering the excellent written and spoken communication skills. To add on verbal communication, you need not only throw out your majestic words but the guest will follow your pronunciation. So, be careful about your English knowledge and the usage with pronunciation.  After enrolling to your hotel, the guest will follow your strength, fastness overall skills of maintaining the boarder house. In fact, if you are passionate about your job, you will gain here. So, you need more expertness to capture the gaining point of the job.  Be patient in every step when you are dealing with something in the hotel. Keep you well-dressed and modesty in speaking. Don’t show greediness to the honorable guest in speaking or your body language.  Body language is a special matter in almost all jobs. When you want to be a good hotel receptionist, you need to be practiced with a catchy eye-contact with the guest. Overall, you need to obtain a certificate on “Hotel Management.”  You will not be able to show your certificate but also your charisma. And, you should know that as a receptionist in hotel, you are the rose of a flower garden, the fried chicken on the dish or the sweets for the bee.

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