Dialogue: First Day at Restaurant Job

First day at a Restaurant is the starting day of career. The first day at school was full of excitement and temptation but for someone, it was a difficult day. First day at restaurant is something like that. IT doesn’t matter what u expected but the real matter is how you should behave and it is totally upon you, how you want to spend your first day. Introduction to the end of the day, you should act with proper manner. Let’s talk about how you can maintain a proper manner

It’s a Dialogue between two hoteliers:

T: Hi. This is Tommy. May I know your name please?

J: I am Jerry. But I guess i did not see you before.

T: Yes. Actually I am new here. I have joined today and this is my first day.

J: That is great. Welcome to our team.

T: Thanks Jerry. Actually I am feeling very nervous.

J: That’s ok. It happened with all of us. So, don’t worry. Just relax and I hope you will learn everything quickly. By the way, our customers will start coming soon. Have you done with the set up of your station?

T: Yes. I am prepared for our customers.

J: That’s good. Do you have all necessary plates, cups and all other things?

T: Yes, i have finished cover set up. Please check my tables.

J: Everything seems ok to me. Looks like you know things quite well.

T: yah, thanks for that complement.

J: Just remember one thing, we have to work here as a team. We have to give our best by helping each other.

T: Thanks, I will remember that. I will try to follow your suggestion.

J: And there’s something I should tell you. Don’t be afraid of others or making mistakes. Nobody is perfect. You are new here so it will be difficult to stay clean. At the beginning we all make mistakes but you should try to avoid it and you have to learn from mistakes. If you don’t understand something, ask your senior. Never underestimate your ability.

T: Thanks Jerry. Thanks for everything. I am feeling lucky to be a part of your team.

J: Just relax man! You are not unknown to me now. We are friends now. Don’t feel shy.

T: I will try my level best.

J: That’s great. Keep working. Guests are coming now.

T: Thanks. I will be in touch.

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