Classification of Hotels

Hotels are typically classified by size, star-marking, location & its ownership.

By size hotels are defined as Small according to the number of rooms for accommodation with supporting rooms. Small Hotels can be of 25 rooms. And hotels having 26-99 room capacities can be defined as Average Hotel. Rooms of 100 to 299 will be said as Above Average Hotel where a Large Hotel should have more than 300 rooms to reside.

Classification of Star Hotels includes number of stars selected by the body “Hotels & Restaurants Approval & Committee (HRACC)” which may be 1-5 by stars plus  5* Deluxe & 5*  according to the Star-System.

There are also City Hotels, Downtown Hotels & Commercial Hotels, These hotels are located in the central crowd area, little expensive than the local area hotels like boarding houses. These are operated by solvent business people and focusing more income tourists and occasionally moving people in different parts of the country .The hotels are generally not far from market places, railway destinations, airports and intercity bus stands with easy communication supporting. These hotels mainly do their business by location basis within a geographical boundary.

Hotels took places nearside the city area or in the sub-town areas are generally called Sub Urban Hotels.  These types of hotels are typically medium-sized and provide economic prices. Some may be large or small by commercial importance, historical value and tourism context. These are operated by less investments concentrating low income tourists or moving people on occasion.

Airport Hotels are definitely stand places very near the local and international airports, Airport Hotels are linked with various travel agents and services centers. These are of different services including tour programs and event management. Size and level of services are very high by standard in these hotels because of foreigner’s presence. .Potential customers also include business delegates, passengers and high profile national guests. Travelers often canceled flights and airline staffs also use these hotels for single or couple of nights spending. Hotels provide transport facilities along reservations by courtesy of services focusing satisfied customer services.

Motor Hotels commonly called Motels are used for transit services generally looking alongside the high-way road which are always considered economical and provide comfortable single-night accommodation having facilities of garage for car, access of petroleum station and more affording.

There is also Resort Hotels generally set up for attracting tourists near historical places by geographical context. Recreational supporting is highly ensured here with sight -seeing to the borders. It also includes different events like games, dancing, entertainment club and more on demand from the valuable customers.

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