Tips for Sleeping Motels in United States

Tips for Sleeping Motels in United States

One of the great advantages when you want to travel by car on US visiting various tourist attractions is the possibility of sleeping in typical roadside motels.

In all cities and towns you can find a large variety of motels in both inner city and highway roads and in many cases with excellent value.

This is one reason why if you plan to do a tour, both the East Coast and the West Coast of the United States, from my point of view, as recommended encourage you to make the trip on your own.

Maybe America is one of the countries of the world where it is easier and recommended organizing our trip without having to go to a trip organized by an agency.

Motels in the US

Then, from our experience, we detail some recommendations and useful tips for sleeping in motels in the United States.

Search Tips motel in America

  • Given the wide availability of motels that you will find on your journey through the United States, my initial when planning the trip on your own recommendation is to pre-book, internet, hotels or motels in cities or places where you have very clear when you’re going to visit them.
  • Thus, it is recommended to have pre-booked the stay in cities like New York, Washington, Las Vegas, Los Angeles or San Francisco. And regardless of whether you book other stays on fixed dates, it is advisable to leave intermediate days on the road without reservation. That will give   more flexibility on the trip, considering that; in general, will be easy to find on the fly a room in a motel.
  • In any case, if you clear your route and dates of your stay, book in advance online will allow you sure room and also the price will ultimately be cheaper.
  • When you locate a motel on the fly, it is advisable to seek no later than 18 or 19 hours. If you delay you can get into trouble, especially on weekends and in unpopulated areas like Arizona or Utah, where there is much less offer motels and lodging in general. Thus, grab the room, for example to 19 hours, and you’re ready for dinner, we remember, we never start later than 20:30 or 21 hours.
  • In many channels, reception is closed after a certain time, so if you arrive late to a motel where you have pre-booked a room to access it has to open the door the credit card with which you done the reservation.
  • In the motels of the major brands you can pick up a guide to accommodation chain motels, which will be useful when looking for new motels along the way.
  • In the above Arizona or Utah, plus much less supply, you will see that the motels are more expensive. In summer, in particular, should ensure the room well in advance.
  • In general, it is advisable to find motels in the areas of motorway service or the confluence of roads in the convolutions of peoples. It is very easy and, instead, if you have to find an address of a motel across the street from a big city, it can be much more complicated.
  • In general, the motels are common double rooms with two King Size (double), which generally tend to be clean and in good condition type beds. They are simple but offer the minimum level of service, such as towels in the bathrooms, television and even coffee.
  • Chains cheaper motels do not offer breakfast or just coffee, so you might have to eat breakfast at an establishment of the service area where the motel.

Prices of motels in the US

Prices vary greatly depending on the category, location and season. But sometimes contrasts are true: in low season you will find double rooms in luxury hotels for 50 €, at prices cheaper than in hotels one two stars. If you are looking for budget accommodation never filters by category, but for money.

  • When traveling through the United States, staying in motels, you may well find rooms with a good level of service for $ 50-60. In addition, for that price, and being common to have double rooms with king size beds, can accommodate four people, and if traveling with children or a group of friends, this saves a lot of money.
  • Book a room in a motel in advance online will be cheaper to do during the trip, on the fly.
  • The prices of the motels in the United States depend on the chain in question, as there is a wide range with different levels of service and quality. But in some chains like Motel 6 and Super 8, also depends on each motels, as are franchises and the level of service and prices vary widely.
  • In the summer, prices are more expensive motels during weekends and in the unpopulated areas like Arizona or Utah, are also more expensive.
  • At the pump is usually free magazines that include motels deals coupons, which will allow timely save up to 30 or 40 percent.
  • There is also a deal cheaper than the major chain motels. However, the service that we provide or the condition of the rooms can be very basic, or even poor. Not recommended.
  • On my most recent trip, some the motel that’s used was Motel6, offering a very good price / quality ratio, with simple but well equipped for really affordable (40 to $ 70 a double king size).
  • Other chains utlizadas on different trips have been Red Roof Inn, Travelodge, Super 8, Days Inn or Comfort Inn.
  • Regarding the higher range of motels, in fact, belong to large hotel chains have stores in your offer motel type, but with a very comfortable level of service.