How to save on hotel

In addition to the airfare, the hotel may represent another huge expenditure on a trip. However, there are excellent ways to save money in this sector, allowing you to have more cash to stay longer or do some shopping. For example, consider these tips to save money on a hotel room or accommodation.

  1. Plan your stay well
    In some places, if you travel in low season, you can save up to 50% of the cost of the original rates. Everyone wants to go to Hawaii when cold, but hotel rates are much lower in spring and autumn. You can also save money by day of the week that you stay. In some (known as business hotels) hotels, for example, lower rates on weekends; in tourist hotels (known as leisure hotels), however, prices are lower on weekdays.
  2. Look for special prices
    Many hotels offer special packages that will most likely include price cuts, additional nights free and bargains that will serve to another hotel or destination. Also, in some cases, while staying seven or more nights in a row, you will get a bigger discount, and thus save considerably. When performing their findings, look for the link “special package” (special package) on the website of the hotel.
  3. Book packages
    Save money with packages that combine airfare, car rental and accommodation, or airfare and lodging. Moreover might discover that the better quality hotels are cheaper when part of a package. Refer to the websites of the airlines and tourist bookings sites and see what they have to offer, between the AARP Travel Center, and
  4. Compare prices on internet
    When looking prices are not limited only to the websites of the hotels. Some sites like and (in English) may have promotions not offered by hotels. However, when making their searches, compare “apples to apples”, ie rates that are within the same category, and include taxes and charges for services.
  5. Maximize the dollars spent on housing

Become club member commuters in any hotel chain. Registration is free, and loyal passengers are eligible to receive discounts and benefits. Similarly, find out what credit cards are awarded points for accommodation. The points that accumulate when used to pay for a hotel room (and sometimes shopping in general) can be used to pay for an overnight stay. Finally, choose hotel chains according to the services they provide. You can save big with free services such as parking, gym, internet access and breakfast. And you can save as much if it gets equipped with kitchenette or simply rooms with a refrigerator and microwave-oven to prepare your meals.

How to save on hotel

4 small and exclusive hotels

Abound small inns and hotels in the country, beloved for its uniqueness, past, intimacy and luxury; ie all these adjectives. However, some stand out more. They have some difficult to explain magic , and make guests lifelong fans. Find here seven that are perfect. The fee quoted is per night a room for two and exclude taxes and fees.

Wentworth Mansion is a small luxury hotel that offers exceptional service room

  1. Wentworth Mansion, Charleston, South Carolina
    Built in 1886 by an ambitious cotton magnate, this grand Victorian mansion with 21 rooms personifies the famous courtesy of Charleston attention to detail. Among these the evening service when offering glasses of port, sherry and brandy, truffles and chocolate homemade lying on the pillows. The house retains original features including stained glass Tiffany, carved panels, a dome and in almost every room, Italian marble fireplaces. Does the service? It’s the kind of establishment in which like magic offer water before you realize that you are thirsty. Do not overlook circa 1886, the acclaimed restaurant located in the carriage house built 125 years ago. Price: from $ 420.
  2. Twin Farms, Barnard, Vermont
    It was once the home of author Sinclair Lewis, Nobel laureate, and a meeting place for intellectuals in the 20s and 30s Today Twin Farms offers to those willing to pay a high cost, 20 rooms and houses specialized field surrounded by gardens and orchards in an area of ​​300 acres. Many guests return regularly without objection minimum price of $ 1,260 per night and that includes three delicious meals haute cuisine, which they are served on request. There are a variety of outdoor activities such as walking on snowshoes in snow or fly fishing; and personalized service that includes transportation to and from the distant airports.
  3. Lake Placid Lodge, Lake Placid, New York
    These Arts And Crafts, modern retreat located in the Adirondack Mountains, style building was constructed in 2009 on the ashes of a historic retreat destroyed by fire. Stand stone fireplaces handmade beds made ​​by local artisans, and the 30 rooms it has, rustic furniture branches. His collection of landscape paintings of the Hudson River School is so large that be enough to fill a small museum. The cottages are located on the shores of the lake, surrounded by mountain scenery. Prices: from $ 450.

    4. Mayflower Inn and Spa, Washington, Connecticut
    This majestic lodge in New England, in the region of the Litchfield hills, offers 30 rooms in four buildings featured guests (Bill and Hillary Clinton were celebrated here when she met 65 years). The elegance and comfort are made evident in every detail, from canopy beds and feather beds to ancient Asian carpets and marble bathrooms with mahogany paneling. In addition, the huge field of 58 acres, with its hills, streams, trees, wildflower garden that lets you cut, Shakespeare garden and maze is distinguished. Prices: from $ 575.