Top 10 hotel trends which will express exclusive guest experience in 2019

With the ultimate change in the customer mindset hotel industry must comprise in harmony to the modern approach.

Maintaining the smart guest experience uniform is one of the vital elements of any hotel. It starts instantly by pick up and drop the guest lands at the airport and see off. Every significant detail is noted if he/she is a devoted traveler. Guest experience has always been an alternative to guest loyalty. Several aspects define in levitation the guest adventure. Due to advance technology, people are traveling more, quickly change in modern trends. As hoteliers, it is the right time to provide ultramodern facility to travelers and catch the latest trend. 2019 will be more challenging like this.

1)    Smart Rooms

Technology is ruling in the current era. Most guests are technically sound and also looking for a tech-friendly environment. Now its right to equip the hotel with the latest techy facilities like hotel room are having tablets, voice assistants, Google home mini, automatic curtains, color changing light with remote. All of these are very cost effective and also available in the market.

2)    Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is also most important to play with big data. If it can be implemented properly it can boost up the hotel performance. It will increase the expectation level of guest which will logically increase the revenue.

3)    Customized Solution

Data, data, data. To keep proper information of guest is very important. There is no harm to keep data. Travelers chose the hotel which will provide customized and special services.