Body Language of a Front Desk Officer

Have you thought ever about body language? When you speak with someone, you offer some certain things to your listeners   two ways: By speaking and by gesturing your body. The person, to whom you speak, gets meaning from you not from your speaking but from your gesturing. This is your body language and the top most important thing to remember that every time you handle something, be serious about your body language. Here are some tips for you to convey to the customer as a front desk officer:

  1. Speak with your customers or anybody of the hotel with a smiling face. A smiling face says that whatever you are talking about all are truth and you are also realizing the other person’s problem and is  possible for you to solve his/her problem.  The other meaning of your smiling face is all times you try to solve any problem of the customer and you are prepared for helping in any need. It is the best way to convince the customer and to raise your personality by an original smiling face. You should know that a calm and friendly smile of your face will drag the customer to your hotel because your body language welcomes the new comers.
  1. As everything has its own language; you should be conscious about your dress. Maybe well dress or wrong dress but it has own language to the on-lookers. To get a positive feedback from the people to whom you need to talk, as a front officer, surely should be approach yourself with well dress, I mean a becoming dress. You have to keep in mind that a hotel desk is not your home. So, to be a professional, confident, and engaged desk officer, you have to discover the meaning of the dress you are in.
  1. Do you consciously shake hands every time and feel the difference of the different people. Hand shaking is an important matter for you. When you shake hands your customers want to get a greeting by feeling your hand shaking. Never shake hands as usual to get a bad feedback from your customers.
  1. As a body language, eye contact is also a great thing. When you talk to the customer, keep a direct eye contact with smiling face. Never show extra curiosity or conspiracy with eyes. And, never answer the questions of the customer engaging your eyes with other works or keeping to the ground. Keep your eyes natural at the time of asking something or answering something.
  1. It may be hesitating for you when you are not clear what to do with your arms and hands in front of the customers. Being unusual, people generally try to do anything with their arms or with finger. But, the professional stance is to keep hands at your side as usual. If you don’t feel comfortable, then hold papers or something in the excuse of preparing for the next work. Never show down extra business or anger towards the customers.
  1. Posture your body for the gentle view. It is good for you and for the business. When you are seated on or talking to the customer even walking in the hotel, keep in the mind that customer will follow your posturing.