10 Basic Guidelines of a Front Office

Front office in a hotel is the most important ant place to dealing with the guests. This is the place where guests would make transaction with regards to checking in and checking out. Also, this is where the hotel desk employer would provide the basic needs of the customer. This is the reason why hospitality should be done first hand so that guests will feel comfortable even if they have not had their room reservations yet. However, prior to implementing these, the front desk officer must know the terminologies once a guest arrives. Now, here are the 10 basic guidelines of the front desk officer must do. The ten basic guidelines are as follow:

1. Once a guest or guests arrive, it is the job of a front office manager to check if there is a vacant room for them. If an unoccupied room has been verified, the front desk clerk must assure that the room is clean and the necessary things are already included for the guest to use.
2. The concerned department such as maintenance, hygiene and sanitation and hospitality department will also be alerted and their tasks will be given to make sure that the guests who have just arrived will surely feel better and relaxed.
3. After details with regards to making sure that there is an available room and the room is clean and secured, the next part is to confirm the hotel room transaction. This can be done by the front desk officer by checking the payment details of the hotel guest.

4. After finishing the transaction, the room key is provided to the guest with some hospitality for feeling the guest at home.
5. Once transaction is done in the front office, the attending hotel serviceman will help carry the belongings of the guest and guide him/her in his/her room.
6. The front office must then make sure that the guest will land in his/her room without having any troubles.
7. Once the guest arrives in the chosen hotel room, the front office will still be there to make convinced that the needs of the guest are met via phone calls.
8. It is also the job of a front office to make sure that the guest is always efficient with regards to their needs (wake up calls, scheduled activities outside the hotels and etc.).
9. The front office will also serve as the message location when a problem has been reported by a guest.
10. The last principle of a front office is to make sure that the guest will check out correctly and there are no troubles at all. Keep in mind that these are just the basic guidelines that has to be followed once guest checks in and checks out as well. Always keep in mind that hospitality and courtesy should also be implemented in the front desk area. In this way, hotel guests would always be enticed in coming back to your hotel. Provide courtesy and simply give what’s best for your hotel guest. Keep in mind that with everything prearranged, your hotel will gain reputation locally and even internationally.

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